Let me start off by saying all the boys in my high school would have been fined because of their loud, obnoxious amps. You know what I'm talking about, those speakers that made the trunk of the car rattle. Ugh, I hated them then, and I still hate them now. I feel like even though people are going to be irritated with me saying this, especially my husband, I'm still going to say it - do it Minnesota!

I have a neighbor who has this beautiful Mustang, but it's got the wimpiest sounding engine. And you guys, he did that on purpose... It's SO loud. I can hear him coming a mile away. And my neighbors think MY DOG is the annoying one? Come on now.

Anyways, back to my point. In Seattle, they have a law that if your vehicle can be heard from 75 feet away, it's too loud, and you'll get fined. That means any of those big, souped-up trucks, the awful muffler that you put on your car to make it sound like a dirt bike, the horrible music, or the vehicles that obviously need repairs and sound like a step above a riding mower. And the Seattle Police Department shared the most amazing Facebook post to give you a visual representation of how far 75 feet is (lol).

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