When you own a Keurig, you have the power to instantly brew a perfect cup of coffee. But with that being said, and as easy as that is, how easy is it to stay healthy with one?

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I'm stated many times that I'm not a huge coffee drinker, but my wife is, and she loves our Keurig. I'll only indulge in a cup on the weekends when I can add my own creamer (or Bailey's) into the mix. However, I think we can both agree we don't take especially good care of cleaning out our Keurig, at least, not as much as we should.

I bring all this up because according to Healthy Holistic Living — your Keurig may contain mold from your lack of cleaning habits and TLC. Therefore, you could be drinking some of that delicious mold with your coffee. Awesome, right?

The reasoning behind this is simple: If you don’t empty the water from the machine from time to time, your Keurig is never given the opportunity to fully dry out and then the inside of your Keurig becomes a breeding ground for mold!

So ff you’d rather not go that route, you should at least try to clean and dry the inside of the machine once per day. If you’re concerned about mold growing inside your Keurig, you can also mix a solution of half water and half vinegar and run it through the machine, the same way you would go about making a cup of coffee.

Just be sure to run a cycle of clean water through the Keurig afterward or your coffee may taste like vinegar... and nobody wants that.

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