One of the best parts about spring is the baby animals we start to see in southeast Minnesota! Check out these cuties at Quarry Hill Nature Center!

All of these animals came into the world within the past month. According to the Quarry Hill Nature Center Facebook page, spiders, snakes, owls and ducks have all had babies this month.

Take a look at this cool video of the spider babies too! Have you ever seen anything like this!?

May 1st proved to truly be an amazing day for Quarry Hill! For the reptile fans reading, you know it's not easy for milk snakes to be born in captivity, so this was a surprise.

For this particular milk snakes, it's the first time it's laid eggs in nine years! According to their Facebook page, the ducklings have since relocated to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. The owlet can be found behind the center itself.

Be sure to stop by and see these cuties in person!

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