Before you read on, guess. It's more than you'd expect. The American Heart Association recommends a daily max sugar intake of 25 grams. Hint, the kiddos did not stay under that max last night - not even close. Are you ready for this? The average kid took in almost 16 times that amount at just shy of 400 grams of sugar OR 3 full cups. Holy cow.

So, what does that mean calorie-wise? It's estimated that children consume between 3500 to 7000 calories on Halloween night. It would take a 100-pound kid 44 hours of walking or 14 hours of basketball to burn that many calories. Now, how much candy tax did you take? A few peanut butter cups, a couple of snickers? I'm right there with you. The gym and I have a nice long date today.

Perhaps the worst part about Halloween (at least for me) is that pillowcase full of candy is now going to sit on the counter at my house for the next several weeks or so. I legit have NO self-control when it comes to chocolate. Did you know you can actually sell your candy to a dentist in town, and they will send it overseas to our troops? It's a pretty amazing program. Click here for more details.


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