The pitcher took it like a champ.

Baseball has always been a huge part of my life. Some of my earliest memories are of me running around my house wearing my favorite white #34 Twins jersey screaming "KIIRRRBYYYY PUCKEEEEETTT!!" at the top of my lungs. I still get excited to watch baseball at any level, and I hope my girls pick up a bat and glove someday so that I can play catch with them in the yard like my dad used to do with me.

My pops also let me partake in batting practice in our backyard, and in our driveway. Unless the new owners of my childhood home have since replaced the garage doors, I can bet you the dents are still there from all my line drives. I'm sure I hit my fair share off of my dad as well, which is why I find this video so funny!

According to Bring Me The News, the video of the young lad was captured by Twins communications boss Dustin Morse, who also happens to be the boy's father.

The Twins hold training camps for kids ages 6-14 throughout the season, and this week they're hosting a camp in Rochester, which you can still register for HERE.

These camps last six hours per day (Monday-Thursday), with a Twins player showing up to join in on the fun and instruction during the final day.

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