On days like this, when it's cold and sloppy outside, I'm thankful to work indoors and really thankful for those that are willing to work out in the elements.

Below are three jobs that have to suck during winter:


I was inspired to put this list together by a team of builders at 'Discovery Square'. I can see them working from my office window. You can tell there's a lot of money invested in the downtown Rochester project because the construction crew never stops.They've been outside working every single day this winter.

Mail Carriers:

I've never driven or even been in a mail truck but they do not look like they're constructed for Minnesota winters. This NY Times article says they have no anti-lock brakes or airbags.They don't have air-conditioning but do have heating - I imagine it stinks though. And those tiny tires can't be good for driving through winter conditions.

Pizza Delivery: 

I mention this one because I saw a pizza delivery guy stuck in the ditch on Saturday. Most people stay home during storms and I imagine a lot order pizza. Take care of your pizza dude if you're making him drive through crappy conditions.


Get ready for more snow. A Winter Storm Watch has been issued for Wednesday.

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