My wife and I have two young kids that adore Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They're too young now but in a few years, we want to take them to Disney World. Knowing how expensive that trip will be, we met with First Alliance to set up a savings account, specifically for the trip.

During that meeting, I learned that 34% of adults in Rochester don't have a savings account. How is this possible? A savings account is important for so many reasons. Life is full of unexpected events. What are you going to do when your furnace goes out? What happens if you lose your job? Experts say you should have at least 3-6 months of your income set aside to protect you when these unfortunate things occur.  You should be saving for fun stuff too! Creating awesome memories for my kids is really important to me. It'll cost a lot, but it'll be worth it to see the excitement in my kids' eyes. What's important to you? Do you have a wedding coming up? Are you looking to buy a car or your first house?

As we were finalizing my vacation savings plan, I asked what is being done to inspire people to start saving. Then we developed a plan for our listeners. We created the Rochester Savings Challenge which gives you the chance to win money by saving money!

You can join me in the Rochester Savings Challenge in three easy steps!

  • Fill out the form on this page
  • Open a WINcentive Savings account at First Alliance Credit Union
  • Start saving as much money as you possibly can in 2018!

Then, at the end of the year, we will randomly select one lucky winner who has saved at least $25 to win a $1,000 prize! First Alliance's WINCentive savings accounts actually give you the chance to win money every month. Win money by saving money!

Learn more and get started here! 


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