The Rochester restaurant scene changes every year with new places opening and old favorites closing. 2020 will be no different, so we asked our listeners which restaurants are on their wish list. Below are the top 5 restaurants that people would love to see open up shop in the Med City.

5) Hardee's: It's been about 20-years since Rochester has had a Hardee's. There are currently 25 Hardee's operating in Minnesota, but unfortunately the closest to Rochester is in Austin.

4) Popeye's: I'm not sure how much weight I'd gain, but I can promise I'd be a regular. Popeye's is one of my favorites. There are only have a handful of Popeye's in Minnesota and all of them are in the Twin-Cities area.

3) IHOP: This one might actually happen in 2020... maybe.  This sign, posted a few months ago, got everyone's mouth watering.

2) Red Robin: You can't go wrong with burgers and beers, right?  Red Robin, known for "gourmet" burgers and brews, started back in the 60s and has been expanding across the country ever since.

1) Sonic Drive-In: Sonic only has 5 locations in Minnesota, but it sounds like they aren't opposed to opening the 6th one here in Rochester. They just need an investor. A couple of years ago, the burger chain's senior vice president of development said, "We believe it would be a fantastic community for our brand. We don't have, anybody in Rochester yet that has an interest in a franchise yet..."


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