Some of us head over to the nearest Starbucks or Caribou every morning before going into work. And some of us only treat ourselves every once in a while. But what if I told you those Starbucks and Caribou runs are actually helping you live longer?

According to a new study done by the UK Biobank, confirms what past studies have told us, that coffee can actually help you live longer! No, I'm not saying you can go get those sugar-loaded frappuccinos or coolers, we're talking about good ole' black coffee.

And if you don't need the caffeine (or don't want it, which doesn't make sense to me!) the same results were proven with decaffeinated coffee and also instant coffee.

I'll raise a mug to that!


Carly Ross - Townsquare Media
Carly Ross - Townsquare Media


P.S. Yes, I did use to have pink hair. And yes I have a mug that says "the voices in my head are all demanding coffee" ... because they are.




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