Many many people have walked in and enjoyed their food, along with the decor at Kenny's Oak Grill in Austin, Minnesota over the years, but this past week they began noticing people commenting on a graphic on their Facebook page in which they're celebrating a pretty amazing milestone: Their 50th year in business! Except they celebrated it three years ago...

Per their website: Back in 1965 a young couple, Kenny and Joanne Knutson, from Austin purchased what was then " The Oak Grill" and they've been serving up some of the best, made from scratch, food ever since. While the restaurant appreciates all the love and support, they were quick to respond that they know it's been *53 years* since they began, and they're not just bad at math.

Still though, here's what a few patrons had to say on their Facebook page when Kenny's shared their milestone last week:

Kenny's Oak Grill specializes in breakfast, however, you'll hear their loyalist of customers rave about every meal throughout the day as they also serve lunch and dinner. See their full menu HERE.

Credit: Kenny's Oak Grill via Facebook
Credit: Kenny's Oak Grill via Facebook

Kenny's is located at 307 W Oakland Ave in Austin. I haven't been, but considering they're so close, I'm thinking I need to make a road trip sometime soon!

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