The Iowa State Patrol is ramping up enforcement on distracted driving, specifically texting while driving, after a law went into effect on July 1 that allows Iowa law enforcement to pull over drivers who are spotted texting, and issue them a citation. Before that law went into effect officers could not pull over a driver for texting unless they had another reason to make the stop.

According to KCRG news, "Troopers are now using new tactics to observe drivers texting behind the wheel without being seen. One such project involved plain clothes Troopers in an RV looking for offenders. Iowa DNR officers have also been used to look for people texting behind the wheel, then reporting it to a trooper."

Instead of constantly scanning for the Patrol's unmarked RV, you could simply put your phone down. You'll avoid an expensive ticket and possibly a tragic accident.

Please be smart on the roads. Slow down, buckle up, put your phone away and always find a sober ride after drinking.


Dunken was running on the Douglas Trail in Rochester last summer when he saw this:

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