You could say these kids are all roaring with excitement!

Learn. Share. Innovate. Inspire.

No doubt all of those elements were put to a recent test as all the greatest minds within Byron Public Schools banded together to come up with one honey of a new logo! B.P.S. decided to share the news via social media on Monday, and so far it seems to be a huge hit with it's students:

That was awesome.

According to their Facebook page, they began asking for the public's help back in May as they began working on updating their Byron Bear logo and it appears many of those pictures may have been used in the announcement video above!

What they eventually came up with is pretty sweet. I have no doubt I'll be seeing this new logo all around town sooner than later as the new school year kicks off a week from today.


Credit: Byron Public Schools via Facebook
Credit: Byron Public Schools via Facebook

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