A few months ago, I told you about the experience I had visiting the Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge in Rochester, MN and how impressed I was at how beautiful and welcoming the facilities were.

But what's really stuck with me the most since that experience were all the incredibly touching stories I heard from the women who were there seeking treatment. I found their strength and determination to take back their lives so moving and inspiring!

drug alcohol rehab help rochester mn
Minnesota Adult Teen Challenge Women's Facility, Rochester, MN

Sometimes, admitting that you need help can be a really, really difficult thing. Still, the women at Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge showed a lot of courage to get the support they needed to make a positive impact on their recovery and well-being.

Below, I'd like to share a story with you from a woman named Peyton who overcame the hardship of addiction with the help of Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge:

I would drink until I passed out.

I’d wake up and drink to get the shakes away, and just to function.

I thought that was how life was supposed to be.

And there was one time where I got really, really drunk. I was on the bridge and I was getting ready to jump, and I don't know where this officer came from, but he came out of nowhere got me off the ledge, and that was it, I said, “I'm going to Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge.”

After the first day I knew that this wasn't just any other place. This was a place of love. This was a place of healing.

And my relationship with God has just gotten so strong where I don't ever want to go back to a where I was.

I want to have a clear mind so I can have a clear relationship with Him.

I really believe that Peyton's story is the perfect example of just how much strength women have inside themselves and that all we have to do is seek it out.

If you're fighting addiction right now, you're not alone. I met some amazing women who are current and past clients and now lead incredible, fulfilling lives. It's OK to ask for help — there are plenty of people who have your back and want to see you succeed!

Minnesota Adult Teen rehab help rochester mn
Minnesota Adult Teen Challenge, Rochester, MN

Discover help and healing at Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge in Rochester, MN today.

If you're a woman searching for a treatment program offering a judgment-free, safe environment, I can't recommend Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge in Rochester enough.

Their buildings are staffed by women, for women, and medically licensed nurses, counselors, support specialists, and mental health practitioners who will always be there whenever you need them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To learn more, visit mntc.org or call 612-373-3366.

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