Getting engaged is one of those moments you never forget. My husband proposed here at the radio station. The ring was pretty, but it was "cheap." We were young and didn't have a ton of money, but he always said he wanted to get me something bigger and better someday.

I totally didn't care. I just wanted to marry that man! He could have proposed with a zip tie and I would have said yes.

What if I told you that you could have the best of both worlds? A big, beautiful ring WITHOUT having to break the bank? We, nearly 5 years later, discovered that such a place does exist in Rochester. It's David Iver Jewelry Design.

You may have heard me talking on the radio about designing a ring with David Iver. It's because I'm so excited about it! Having never designed a ring, I wasn't sure what to expect. I had so much fun, and the end result is so much more than I ever expected!

My husband is pretty creative, so he took the lead. He told David some of the things in life that I love — eagles, waves, the Eiffel Tower, the color blue. And somehow, those things turned into this masterpiece of a ring. Nobody else has a ring like this. This ring is 100% unique to me, as all jewelry should be.

David Iver Jewelry Design

Before revealing the finished ring with this post, I may or may not have sent a Snapchat to some of my close friends and family because I was too excited to wait. Their responses were priceless:

"Wow!!! I have never seen anything like that! OMG!" - Alicia

"I f**ng LOVE this!!!" - Cass

My reaction was pretty similar, as you can see in the video above. If you're interested in custom jewelry, whether it be updating a family heirloom, creating a personalized gift or treating yourself, check out David Iver Jewelry Design, 114 1st Ave. Southwest in Downtown Rochester.