Did you see what Minnesota Energy is telling customers? Did you see what Accuweather is predicting for this winter? It’s a double whammy!

The energy company is letting customers know that they shouldn’t be shocked this winter when their bills are significantly higher, and the weather experts are saying it’s going to be really cold, especially in January and February.

Minnesota Energy serves nearly a quarter of a million Minnesotans in more than 175 towns across the state and says heating bills will be higher because of a spike in natural gas prices. They say the average residential customer should expect to pay $44 more each month this winter.

There’s not much you can do about natural gas prices, but there are some things you can do to keep your energy bill from being even more expensive.

The first thing you should do is call B & C Plumbing and Heating and schedule a Furnace Clean and Check. I have them out at my house every fall. The routine maintenance is very affordable, doesn’t take long, and is highly recommended by your furnace manufacturer. Schedule a Furnace Clean and Check today by calling 507-545-9000. Let B & C tune-up your furnace so it operates more efficiently this winter and keeps your energy bills low.

Now, if your furnace is on its last legs the crew at B & C can set up you with a new high-efficiency model from trusted brands like Armstrong Air or American Standard.

B & C also carries a great line of Regency fireplaces that will definitely help keep your family warm and cozy throughout the winter. Check out their virtual showroom here.

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