I was invited to join other community leaders at Franklin Elementary on Wednesday for their annual 'Reading Blitz.'

I LOVE doing things like this, but I always get super nervous. I speak to thousands and thousands of people every morning with not a care in the world, but my anxiety rises when I know I'm going to be reading in front of 20 kids! Weird, right?

On Wednesday, I finished reading the book with one of the classes and then I asked if they had any questions about my job at the radio station. Immediately, hands fly up all around the room. I've done enough of these types of events to know that I'm going to get asked all kinds of questions, You know, stuff like what my favorite song is, and if I've ever met any celebrities.

I call on the first kid, expecting a question like that. What I got instead surprised me and made me laugh!

Student: "Sir, do you have to go to the bathroom?"

Me: "Wait... What.. Huh?"

And then it hit me.

The entire time I was reading the book, I was tapping my foot on the carpet! We all laughed really hard and then I explained that it was nervous energy and not the 'pee-pee dance.'

twitter - @StephanieLamb4
twitter - @StephanieLamb4

Shout out to the teachers I met, Sanvick, Gobin and Eliason! Your students were amazing!

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