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Looks like downtown Rochester, Minnesota is seeing a little bit of a rebirth right now.  A new restaurant just opened up in the old Newt's location. Our Paladar opened up in the old Porch location.  And now, news just broke with a new restaurant that will be opening up in the old Pescara spot on Broadway.

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Exciting Changes Happening for the Old Pescara Location in Rochester, Minnesota

If you love having multiple food choices in downtown Rochester, Minnesota, it sounds like a new restaurant will be moving into the old Pescara spot on Broadway.  According to a press release from Titan Development, Mill Valley Kitchen is expanding to Rochester and will be starting construction in 2023.

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What is Mill Valley Kitchen?

If you want to get a taste test of Mill Valley Kitchen now, you can head up to St. Louis Park.  That Mill Valley Kitchen location opened in 2011.  The idea behind the restaurant was to be health-focused and tribute the Mill Valley region of Northern California.


Foods that you will enjoy at this new restaurant in Rochester are sustainable and locally sourced meats, produce, and the finest plates of seafood.  A few of their signature items that you may want to try out now at the St. Louis Park restaurant are miso glazed seabass, flatbreads, and hummus plates as well as seasonal dishes.

Once it opens, you will enjoy grabbing items to go or a chance to sit down and savor the foods in front of you.


When is Mill Valley Kitchen Planning on Opening in Rochester, Minnesota?

At the moment, the plan is to start construction in the winter of 2023.  Opening date for Mill Valley Kitchen in Rochester, Minnesota will be at some point in the summer of 2024.

Once I hear of an opening date, I'll post that info over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  Give it a follow so you know what's happening in the Southeast Minnesota area.

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