Don't freak out if you see city workers roaming around your yard. The forestry department is starting their annual inspection for Emerald Ash Borer today and will be checking trees throughout the city through the end of the year.

A press release from the city asks for your cooperation. According to the city's press release: Forestry staff will enter private property only if they have reason to suspect an ash tree is infested with EAB. Signs that an ash tree may be infested include woodpecker activity, bark cracks exposing galleries of the larval stage of EAB and “D” shaped exit holes created by the adult beetle emerging from the tree. City Forester, Jeff Haberman says, "It is critical that we conduct these annual inspections, as it is a key part to the management of EAB. We appreciate the public’s support and understanding.”

The Minnesota DNR explains, "Emerald ash borer (EAB) is an invasive forest insect from Asia responsible for the deaths of millions of ash trees. It kills weak and healthy ash trees alike, and all species of ash native to North America are vulnerable to EAB attack. With nearly 1 billion ash trees in the state, the spread of EAB will have a serious impact in Minnesota." Emerald Ash Borer was first discovered in the Rochester area in August of 2014.


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