Nearly 10 years ago, I decided that I just didn't want to bother with eyeliner anymore. My mom and I went in for permanent eyeliner.

During the consultation, I decided to start off small, so to say. I was afraid of them putting too thick of a line and me not liking it. I also wasn't going to get the bottom liner done, but she convinced me to because my lashes are so light on the bottom, it would just look awkward without. Once we had a plan it was go time!

Out of all of my tattoos (and I have a lot - 11), that was by far the scariest one. Hear me out here, not the most painful, but the scariest. Your eyes are closed and you can hear the humming of the tattoo gun getting closer and closer to your face until it's touching your eyelids. That was such a weird feeling. It was rather shocking, BUT fortunately not painful because they used a numbing cream. Walking out into the sun was harder. My eyes were a bit sensitive. I made someone else drive, and I just closed my eyes.
It took about a week to completely heal. It was a little red and sensitive for that week, but not too terrible.

Then and Now

Overall, it's still in stellar shape. I went with a black liner which has since faded to a bluish/grey tone. I've heard that other people have gone with the black/brown liner because it fades nicer. I would say it's time for a touch-up, which I anticipated. The salon told me most people get it touched up every 5-10 years.

It's super convenient to have. Some days I don't add any makeup, and some days I put on the whole works. I love having that option. Without permanent eyeliner, my eyes would get lost - my eyelashes are super light. PS I have lash extensions now.

So nearly 10 years later, I'm here to say I would still highly recommend permanent eyeliner.

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