Okay, I know I'm picking on my own gender here - but I couldn't help but make these observations.

I've been in Rochester since July of 2016, and I'm proud to say that I've frequented several different bars in the area. While I've been out, I've noticed a few, well... "stereotypes" when it comes to the ladies who frequent these bars. Do you agree with any of these?

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to give you the list and describe which bar fits which girl.

  • The Taphouse via Facebook
    The Taphouse via Facebook

    The Taphouse

    Let's call her Denise. She's probably employed at Mayo and is no stranger to drinks after work with her girls. She's a career woman.

    She's classy, she's well-dressed... until it gets later and later into the evening.

    She's totally carrying some flats in her huge purse she scored from Target, and definitely ready to remove her blazer by 5pm exactly.

  • Rooster Barn & Grill via Facebook
    Rooster Barn & Grill via Facebook


    Her name is probably something like "Barb" (or a totally separate nickname altogether) and her husband is likely Mike.

    Barb entered the bar on the back of Mike's bike, and she's now playing pool or darts with six of their friends. They've gone through two pitchers of beer in an hour and they're having a great time.

    Barb definitely has her hair tied up in a bandana.

  • Thirsty Belgian via Facebook
    Thirsty Belgian via Facebook

    Thirsty Belgian

    Her name is Emily, and she's probably either an RCTC student or a young professional.

    She comes to this bar because she wants to let her hair down and get a dose of "culture" for the week. She's pretty artsy and has a few tattoos that she designed herself.

    She'll tell you that the only "good" music that's out there was released before 1982. She'll make an exception for Nirvana. Her boyfriend will agree with her. Her boyfriend is usually with her, and he knows just about everything when it comes to Marvel movies. They'll order Kwaks and discuss Game Of Thrones.

  • Forager Brewing Co. via Facebook
    Forager Brewing Co. via Facebook

    Forager Brewing Company

    The ever inquisitive Melissa is always taking over the little reading nook that you can find at Forager. Her giant black-rimmed glasses are always on.

    She's got a varied group of friends and they'll debate/discuss/over-analyze every political move made in America at the moment. She and her friends all either work for Mayo, or some tech-like job. They are all young professionals. They're wearing khakis or buttoned up shirts to the bar.

    Is she drinking beer? She is if it's fruity. She's totally into open mic nights too.

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