A few days ago I noticed a ton of people on Facebook complaining about Rochester. People hate on the city all of the time, but the amount of negative posts I saw that day was unusually high. So we took the topic to the airwaves and asked our listeners "what's wrong with Rochester?"

Several people said the cost of living is too high. I did a little research, and found that Rochester is only slightly more expensive than the national average, and housing was actually cheaper here than in other parts of the state and county. That wasn't the top complaint we heard though.

The number one gripe was the fact that there's nothing to do here. We heard from numerous parents that said there's nothing for young children. And we heard from a ton of young adults that said there's nothing for them.

There should be more options for young families. I have two young kids and we spend a lot of time traveling to other cities for fun activities. It would be nice to have more options here. How about an indoor playground like this? Or an indoor water-park like one of these? Perhaps a nice swimming pool? I take my kids to Kasson because their pool rocks - Why can't we have that?

Rochester does have non-traditional entertainment options like, The Escape Challenge and Archery Addiction, but more are needed. How about something fun like a Dave & Buster's? A music venue is also a must. If that's going to be the Mayo Civic Center - they need to work harder to attract more contemporary acts.

If Rochester wants to be great it needs to attract businesses that cater to these people.

What do you think Rochester needs?

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