This isn't the kind of news I wanted to hear on the first day of spring...

Last week we were absolutely spoiled with all the 40 degree temperatures and that gorgeous sunshine. After our most recent snow storm two weeks ago, things were starting to finally look like winter was about over with. So much so, my wife suggested we bring out our deck furniture and watch the NCAA Tournament outside with some drinks on Saturday (Side note: I love my wife for this very reason. She gets me, and loves sports. Match made in heaven).

But I knew deep down the second I unpacked my shed, we'd all get slammed with a foot of snow. Well all I can say is you can't blame me this time for jinxing us because it looks like we're in for some more snow regardless.

Turns out The Weather Channel is predicting that southeast Minnesota could see anywhere between 3-8 inches of the white stuff Friday night through Sunday morning. The good news is if you believe this is actually happening, then you can also rest assured it'll all melt quickly because there's plenty more 40-50 degree days behind it.

Obviously a lot can change between now and then, but if these projections hold true, you might want to dig out that snow blower back out in case you were thinking this was all over like my wife.

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