Researchers in Kansas put out a list of the most important inventions from each state.

Minnesota's is a true life-saver. It's the implantable pacemaker, invented by Earl Baaken in 1957. Several Minnesota creations have greatly impacted our daily lives like masking tape, Milky Way chocolate bars, Tonka trucks and Snowblowers.

Here are few other Minnesota inventions to be thankful for:

Albert Butz gave couples another thing to argue about in 1885 when the St Paul businessman created the furnace thermostat.

Shopping was a pain in the butt before Walter Deubener invented grocery bags with handles in 1912.

Each Wednesday you can see the Ski Dox team perform on water-skis which were invented in 1922 on Lake Pepin.

Rose Totino and her husband, Jim, ran a small restaurant in Minneapolis. In 1979 they created frozen pizza. Microwave popcorn was also invented here back in 1984.

Samm and I talk about our Sleep Number beds all of the time - Did you know the beds were invented in Minnesota?

Check out some more great Minnesota inventions, here.


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