Joe Olevson has many interests. One of them is taking his life into his own hands and flying through the air with a giant, and really dangerous, fan on his back. He says it's amazing, and if you watch this video, you'd have to agree!

Now, before you watch the video below, take a look at him from another perspective.

After his first flight, he made a short video explaining that, when he was a kid, he jumped off the roof with an umbrella. If it were me, I'd be saying, "Well, that didn't work." But not Joe. Nope. Joe thought, "Huh... I need a bigger umbrella."

So that's what he got. A really big umbrella. And a fan to wear on his back. He took off, and to hear him talk about that first flight is to hear someone filled with awe, appreciation, love, and excitement.

So, check out the video, he was about a mile south of Wanamingo. It is stunning.

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