Many of us have watched Karsen Forsman on ABC 6 News for the last couple of years. He's interchanged roles of reporter to anchor giving us the news and compelling stories. I met Karsen when he covered the TEDXZumbroRiver event last year. I noticed immediately that he was enthusiastic and efficient about his job while he interviewed a couple of speakers. It comes to no surprise that he scored the co-anchor gig that will be vacant by James Wilcox (he's joining KETV as an anchor/reporter in Omaha, NE). When James leaves on March 1st, Karsen will be sitting at the news desk next to the lovely and sweet Laura Lee. I asked Karsen five very very important questions. Here's his responses:

Courtesy of Karsen Forsman
Courtesy of Karsen Forsman

DT: You're the new incoming anchor replacing James Wilcox when he leaves. What's your background, just reporting or have you anchored before (and where)?

KF: ABC 6 News was my first job out of college. I came from St. Cloud State where I double majored in mass communications and communication studies. I was able to anchor and report for the college news station UTVS. After graduating in May of 2015, I started a month later at ABC 6. Since then I have been filling in periodically at the anchor desk.

DT: What's your favorite story thus far that you've reported on?

KF: One of my favorites is about a woman from Lewiston, MN who made it on the Price Is Right. She invited me over to watch the episode. Here’s a link if you need a good laugh!

DT: Has James given you any advice? If so, what was it?

KF: James has always been someone in the newsroom that I go to for help. Since day one he’s been there if I ever needed help writing or piecing together a story. One piece of advice that he left me with is to be yourself on TV.

DT: Are you going to buy a whole new wardrobe? What kind of ties can we anticipate?

KF: It’s funny you bring this up because Laura Lee has been on my tail about getting some different ties! I have a number of ties but a majority of them are blue or black. Laura and I plan on doing a little shopping together and she’s going to help me pick out some different colors. I’m definitely not a big shopper so her help is needed!

DT: Who's your role model or what's your fav inspiring quote?

KF: My dad, Mark Forsman, is someone that I look up to. He’s someone that’s very involved in his community. He’s been coaching our town baseball team, Dassel-Cokato Saints, for more than 30 years. He's taught me everything in life.


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