WalletHub has a new list put together, this time talking about which US cities are the best and worst for an active lifestyle. Minneapolis ended up ranking in the top 10!

In order to decide how to rank the 100 biggest cities in the US, WalletHub looked at the following: "average monthly fitness-club fee to bike score to share of physically inactive adults."

Here are the top 10 best cities in the US for those with an active lifestyle:

1. Honolulu, HI

2. Chicago, IL

3. San Francisco, CA

4. San Diego, CA

5. New York, NY

6. Portland, OR

7. Seattle, WA

8. Minneapolis, MN

9. Denver, CO

10. Washington, DC

St. Paul didn't fare as well as Minneapolis but they didn't do too bad, they came in at number 28. Unfortunately, Rochester wasn't ranked since they only looked at the 100 biggest US cities.

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