Toss a coin in and make a wish... We've all done it, right? But how much is collected and what happens to the money after you walk away?

There are several fountains/pools around the Mall of America and each is a target for loose change. Mall officials say they scoop out close to $25,000 annually.

25,000 bucks! That's a lot and it all goes to good causes.  MOA says they clean out the wishing-wells at the end of each month and donate what's collected to various local charities.  Pretty cool, right? If you run a local non-profit; you can apply to receive a donation from the Mall.

The mall gives out more than just the change they find. Officials say they contribute $25,000 EVERY DAY to support charities.

The Mall of America is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Click here are 10 amazing facts that you might not know about the mall.  And check out this article to find out why 75,000 bugs were released in the Mall.

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