So many movies, or at least parts of movies, have been filmed here in Minnesota. One place in particular that has gotten a lot of movie crew traffic lately is Duluth. Even James Cameron was scouting Duluth for filming early this month. But surprisingly, Duluth is not our most filmed spot in Minnesota.

Ok, if Duluth isn't the most filmed place in Minnesota, it has to be in the Twin Cities, right? That would be correct! The most filmed spot in Minnesota is in the Twin Cities but we're going to get even more specific.

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There are plenty of places around the Twin Cities worthy of being a filming location for Hollywood. You've got Lake Minnetonka (although I don't know if there are any movies that have been filmed there), the Mall of America, US Bank Stadium would be a good place too. But none of those are the most filmed place in Minnesota.

In Minnesota, the most filmed spot is actually the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, according to a site called And when you think about it, that makes a lot of sense! You could film at MSP and pretend it's any airport you'd like and no one would know. Versus if you filmed at MOA it would be quite obvious.  MSP is also so big that I feel like it would be easy to block off just a bit of the airport for filming purposes and not totally screw up everyday activities.

As for our neighboring state, Iowa's most filmed place is the University of Iowa, and in Wisconsin, it's the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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