Need some extra money? Facebook can help.

GoFundMe is a great website that helps people raise funds to help pay for medical expenses or to rebuild their lives after tragic events likes house-fires. You've seen those pages and have probably donated to a few worthy causes.

Facebook will soon allow you to ask for monetary donations from your friends in the same way. And to prevent people from flooding your page with their virtual hand held out, Facebook says users will only be able to raise funds in six different categories:

  • Education: such as tuition, books or classroom supplies
  • Medical: such as medical procedures, treatments or injuries
  • Pet Medical: such as veterinary procedures, treatments or injuries
  • Crisis Relief: such as public crises or natural disasters
  • Personal Emergency: such as a house fire, theft or car accident
  • Funeral and Loss: such as burial expenses or living costs after losing a loved one

Oh yeah, Zuckerberg will be taking a cut, too. Facebook fundraisers will have a 6.9% + $.30 fee that, according to the social media site, "will go to payment processing fees, fundraiser vetting, security and fraud protection."

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