This is something that's been bugging me for years, but I finally reached my boiling point today.

This isn't the first, nor the last time I'll question why things are the way they are in this city, especially when it comes to the roads. I could seriously bitch about the length of stoplights all day every day at certain intersections until I'm blue in the face, but for this particular rant I'll focus on a road that I travel down every single day for work - 6th Street SW.

There's a couple narrow roads in this town (Elton Hills Drive comes to mind also) where so much traffic travels up and down them constantly, and yet people will still park their cars on the side of the road! This article isn't necessarily damning those residents who live down these streets, but they're certainly not helping matters by letting their friends and family members park there instead of their driveways.

Signs are clearly posted of certain times during the day when it's legal and illegal to park, and yet I'm one of many who travels up and down that stretch of road (at any hour) between South Broadway and Hwy 52 that has to avoid hitting other drivers coming from the opposite direction because some idiot can't park close enough to the curb. Plus, many of those cars coming up and over that hill are almost never going the proper speed limit... I'm surprised more accidents haven't happened and frankly, the city should just permanently ban cars from parking there entirely if drivers can't respect the fact that this road is already bottle-necked the way it is.

I know I'm not the only one who feels this way and it would definitely make things a heck of a lot safer, especially with a school in the area as well.

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