If you don't have a pumpkin spice flavored something-something this fall, people tend to forget about you. Busch was determined to prove that theory wrong. They have "officially" changed their name to Bush Latte. Whether this is a publicity stunt or real life, it's absolutely fabulous!

It's like the Anheuser team has been hanging around McQuillan softball fields because Busch Lattes are super popular there.

They posted a few pictures to their social media pages with the new logo and people lost their minds. I've seen the post shared many times already in our neck of the woods, and my prediction - this is just the beginning. Serious question though: with the name change, does it make it acceptable to drink the beer for breakfast now? Asking for a friend!

Starbucks started serving up their pumpkin spice lattes earlier this week - the earliest debut ever. 

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