Rumors of protests started circulating on social media shortly after President Trump's visit to Rochester was confirmed. The President of the United States will be speaking at a campaign-style Make America Great Again Rally at the Mayo Civic Center this Thursday and there will be protests. If you're interested in attending tickets are available through the Trump campaign website. If you're interested in protesting keep reading...

The group C.U.R.E. (Citizens United for Rochester Empowerment) is organizing a peaceful gathering in downtown Rochester this Thursday. The group has created an event page on Facebook called "Greater Than Fear" which says the gathering will begin at noon for a scheduled program at 1pm. The protestors will then march through the downtown area. The protest is scheduled to end at 3:30pm. The event organizers say they will not be "engaging anyone who is in town for Mr. Trump's appearance." They also say they won't be preventing anyone from entering the Mayo Civic Center.

For more info on this protest, click here.

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