There's a website called Brewery Stars and they take reviews from all of the breweries around Minnesota and rank them. There are a total of 214 breweries in the state (crazy, I know) but only 210 of them are ranked because the others didn't have enough ratings, according to Brewery Stars.

You may already know this about me, but I'm a big brewery fan. I like the vibe and I also just like trying the different beers that are out there. So I'm pretty excited that two Rochester breweries made the top 20 in the state! And yes, I've been to both of them.

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Best Rochester, MN Breweries

In order to determine their rankings, Brewery Stars takes "publicly available beer and venue ratings to rank breweries". And apparently, people really love these two Rochester breweries in particular.

A big, big shout out to the Rochester breweries that made the top 20! Here are the top 20 breweries according to Brewery Stars:

20. Portage Brewing Company - Walker
19. Surly Brewing Co. - Minneapolis
18. Bad Habit Brewing Company - St. Joseph
17. Bent Paddle Brewing Co. - Duluth
16. Bricksworth Beer Co. - Burnsville
15. Thesis Beer Project - Rochester

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

14. Modist Brewing Co. - Minneapolis
13. The Starkeller - New Ulm
12. Steel Toe Brewing - St. Louis Park
11. Fair State Brewing Cooperative - Minneapolis
10. Wild Mind Ales - Minneapolis
9. Dangerous Man Brewing Company - Minneapolis
8. Falling Knife Brewing Company - Minneapolis
7. Drastic Measures Brewing - Wadena
6. Lupulin Brewing - Big Lake
5. Back Channel Brewing Co. - Spring Park
4. BlackStack Brewing - St. Paul
3. Junkyard Brewing Company - Moorhead
2. Forager Brewery and Cafe - Rochester

Google Maps
Google Maps

1. Barrel Theory Beer Company - St. Paul

Congrats to Thesis and Forager for making appearances in the top 20! And gotta give a little hat tip to Barrel Theory for getting the number one spot. I don't believe I've been to Barrel Theory, but now I need to go.

I would seriously love to know what your favorite brewery is (in town or not) because I really enjoy checking out new breweries! Shoot me a message on my FacebookInstagram, or Twitter. (@carlyrossonair)

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