Don't worry, he's OK.

Wednesday morning a story about why dogs eat their own poop showed up on my Facebook news-feed and that story led to a discussion on the craziest things dogs have eaten. We got a ton of calls and comments from pet-owners in Rochester.

Has your dog ever chewed up your underwear? A lot of callers said their dog was guilty of this. Including one lady that said her dog ate a pair of her thong underwear. She explained the dog wasn't able to "pass it" so she had to pull the string to get it out.

Amber Haley's dog loves butter.. a lot! She said he ate "a pound of butter....threw it up, and then ate it again." 

Joanie Mix Lande said her dog ate: "$300 in mostly 1’s and 5’s (tip money)." I can't even imagine how mad she was!

Lisa Adler said "I couldn't figure out where my hair scrunchies were going. Come spring time, I found colorful scrunchies all over my yard. My dog ate them and pooped them out."

Another listener called to say her dog ate her birth control pills!

So, what weird thing did your dog eat? Tell us in the comment section below:


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