What kind of a person steals a dog?

The Dodge County Sheriff's office is asking the public to help locate the owner of a white pickup with a silver toolbox in the back. I know, that could be hundreds of people, but if you see something fishy involving a truck matching this description, jot down the license plate number and report it to the Dodge County Sheriff's office. They posted the message below on Facebook and believe the owner of the truck could be stealing dogs in our area.

"There have been a number of reports of dog thefts and attempted dog thefts in our region. Now we've had two reports in two days here in Dodge County. Reports of a white male driving a nicer-looking white pickup with a silver toolbox in the back trying to take dogs left outside on owners property. No plate at this time. Suspect may be baiting dogs with raw meat. Unknown exactly what the motive is. If you see anything suspicious like this or have any additional information please contact the Dodge County Sheriff's Office."

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