If you're reading this it's because you shop at Target. If you shop at Target you know how easy it is to go in for one thing and walk out with a cart load of items. The struggle is real. How can you get everything you want without spending a fortune?

Target, like every other store, marks things down to get get rid of them. If you know when these types of products go on clearance you'll have a better chance of getting them before they sell out.

A woman named Christy started a website called All Things Target. She chronicles her shopping adventures and offers advice on how you can save money. Christy explains marks downs happen throughout the week. Below is a guide, from her site, that will help you get the best deals on your next Target trip.

  • Monday: electronics, accessories, kids' clothing, books, baby, stationery
  • Tuesday: domestics, women’s clothing, pets, market (food items)
  • Wednesday: men’s clothing, health and beauty, diapers, lawn and garden, furniture
  • Thursday: housewares, lingerie, shoes, toys, sporting goods, décor and luggage
  • Friday: auto, cosmetics, hardware, jewelry


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