Aiden, a 5-year-old boy battling cancer, lost his teddy bear during a recent trip to the Mayo Clinic. He was devastated, so his family took to social media to ask for help tracking the stuffed-animal down.

His mother, Tracy Jo-Busch Remme, posted a message to Facebook that said:
Okay Team Aiden we are now seeking out help from social media. If you live in Rochester area PLEASE SHARE! We have done everything else but this. So here is the last ditch effort I suppose. We also wrote a letter to the editor and emailed a local news station. It may sound crazy but this teddy is a rather big deal. So much to his story. We are looking for help.. my 5 yr old son (celebrating his birthday today!) who is battling brain cancer lost his teddy bear while at Mayo for his 60th round of chemo..

And now the happy ending...

The bear was quickly located:


Social media is a powerful thing!

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