I can still remember my first week working at KROC way back in the fall of 2004. After my classes were finished I had to drive from Winona every afternoon and then figure out where to park once I arrived downtown. I either found parking along 4th street SW next to our building or, if I was really lucky, snatched a parking space within our very small parking lot. In any case, I can distinctly recall looking up into the trees every evening and thinking to myself, "My god, that's a lot of crows... please, please don't s**t on my clean car" and sure enough, my ride would always suffer the consequences from being parked under those trees by being pulverized by poop!

Well I'm extremely happy to announce those damn crows will have several less options to nest or rest on this fall as the current construction we've all been bitching about downtown is in the process of eliminating many of those ugly trees along 4th street.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

Because the sidewalks have been closed for several weeks due to all the work that's being done, all of the trees have been marked with pink X's (see above) for demolition. Considering many of them were old, or half dead, I'm actually excited they're being torn down. But mostly because those stupid birds would always sit and wait to poop on any vehicles parked nearby. Plus, if you've ever walked along that sidewalk in the fall you couldn't help but notice it looking like an abstract painting from all the dried feces that had splatted on the ground overnight.

I can't tell you how many times I would park in my work lot over the weekend to avoid finding a parking spot along 1st ave for date night with my wife, only to open our car doors and have to sneak along like ninjas to avoid getting shat on. I can't be the only one who's ever done this, can I?

Anyways, I realize this won't completely eliminate the entire crow population from visiting and setting up camp downtown after dark, I just thought I'd point out many of those bastards will have to migrate to another part of the city... and for that, my vehicle and my wallet will be happy.

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