Three St. Charles Police Officers delivered a magical birthday that this 5 year-old will never forget.

Zayden's mother said he wanted a police themed birthday and wanted to invite police officers. Not wanting him to get his hopes up too high, she explained that the police are very busy, but said she'd invite them. She dropped the party invites off at the St. Charles Police Department.

A few days before Zayden's birthday she got a call from an officer saying he'd come.

This is the moment I started freaking out when I first heard this story. I have a 3-year-old who loves the police and I immediately thought about how excited he would be to meet an officer. This mother must have been so excited knowing a police officer was going to make a surprise appearance.

On December 30th, during Zayden's birthday party, 3 police officers showed up with a bag of goodies for the kids and a special card for him. The officers hung out with the kids and stayed for dinner. Best birthday ever!

Major props to officers Casey, Ken and Renee!


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