We all do it. We walk into Target to buy a couple things and end up with a cart full. It's known on social media as the "Target Effect." But, it's not your fault. According to Business Insider, Target knows exactly what they are doing. And there are many reasons why you can't walk in for just one thing.

And it all starts with the Starbucks. Target's layout is genius! There's something about Starbucks that makes you want to come in and hang out for a while. Moving through the store, it flows naturally from one section to the next. Hook. Line. Sinker. Think about it. When you are going in for a seasonal item - right now, Halloween costumes and candy. It's all the way in the back of the store. As if you ever make it there without grabbing something else.

Not only does the store flow nicely, but it's also much more organized, well lit, wider aisles making it more enjoyable to shop at.

Obviously, the merchandise plays a huge roll in how well Target does, but what they do with their merchandise is key. They have their own brands that are good quality at affordable prices, and they are constantly rotating the merch. So how long will it last on the shelf? Have to grab it now!

Their social media game is strong. They have more Instagram followers than Walmart and Amazon combined, and they encourage you to share your pictures to be featured on their story. Hello, a model for a day? Yes, please!

And finally, no regrets! All the stuff you buy, you actually want, you just didn't think of putting on your list. <-- I sound like I'm trying to brainwash you (lol).

Does anybody else find themselves itching to go to Target right now? Hi, I'm Samm and I'm addicted to Target.

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