This morning we were talking about the Royal wedding and thought - What if Rochester had a King and Queen?!? Who would you nominate? A local celeb, a community advocate, a businessman or woman, etc.

Samm chose Dr. Elvis as King. The Mayo Resident has an awesome voice and has had several videos go viral. He even appeared on Ellen. Samm's pick for Queen was Laura Lee from ABC 6. Laura is a great anchor and an even better person. She is really kind and is involved in a ton of non-profit events.

I chose John Sievers as King. If you don't know, John has a band called the D'Sievers and is very involved in the community. His local t-shirt challenge was started nearly a year ago. He wears a shirt promoting a different local business each day. I chose Danielle Teal as Rochester's Queen. This was a no-brainer for me. She's often referred to as the Queen of Kind. She has been performing random acts of kindness in the community for years and has a Facebook page dedicated to helping others.

Who would you pick?


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