In addition to great pay and awesome benefits there are several other perks to working for the nation's top hospital. 

Yesterday, I asked Mayo employees what their favorite 'perk of the job' was, and most agreed it was the discounts that they receive on products and services.

The most popular response was the discount on cell-phone service. Several people mentioned that Verizon offers up to 22% off, while Sprint offers savings of 23%, and AT&T gives Mayo employees 24% off. Travel savings were another popular perk with the employees I spoke to - Discounts at hotels, on car rentals and at attractions around the country are offered.

Mayo's website says: Mayo staff members and their families enjoy the social, recreational, cultural and educational activities sponsored by the Leisure and Lifestyle Activities Program. These events include concerts, plays, sporting events, classes, trips, parties and dances. Discount rates are available for the Minnesota Zoo, Science Museum of Minnesota, Minnesota Children's Museum, and several amusement centers, hotels and motels. Discounts are also offered for local movie theaters, car washes and transportation to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

With perks like those it's no surprise that employee satisfaction is high. Mayo is consistently listed as one of Fortune Magazine's best companies to work for.


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