Meet the man who's going to willingly spend five days writing about his impressions and experiences within the mall's confines.

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Back in February, the Bloomington mall announced their “Writer-in-Residence” competition that coincides with the celebration of their 25th Anniversary.

Brian Sonia-Wallace, who hails from Los Angeles, was picked as the winner from over 4,000 entries about MOA's intriguing contest.

From June 14-18, Sonia-Wallace will spend all that time at the mall, while also sleeping for free in one of their attached hotels during his stay.

On top of getting the monster $2,500 prize for winning the write-in competition, he’ll also get a $400 gift card for food and drinks to spend at the megamall.

So what do you even write about for five straight days? Well with a mall that size, the possibilities are endless!

Between the Sea Life Aquarium, Nickelodeon Universe, Lego Land and over dozens of food vendors and restaurants, there’s plenty to do, see and certainly eat.

What would you write about if you had won?

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