The American Dream Mall just got the green light from the Miami-Dade County Commission in Florida and will be the largest mall in America when completed. According to WCCO, The $4 billion retail and entertainment complex will include hundreds of stores and shops, theme-park attractions such as an indoor ski slope, submarine ride, water park and skating rink, along with 2,000 hotel rooms.

Is this a good investment? Retailers are struggling to compete with online shopping. We see stories all of the time about companies that have been around for years going out of business because they aren't able to compete with the Amazons of the world. Developers and investors are aware of that and I'm sure that's why they don't want it labeled as a mall. They are positioning it as a destination-attraction and really focusing on promoting the attractions like the indoor ski slope. But will people really flock to Miami to go to a mall destination-attraction?

If I'm vacationing in Miami, I'm going to the beach.


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