I can't think of many things I'd buy from a hotel because I've heard a lot of horror stories. I definitely wouldn't buy a mattress - would you?  A commercial sized laundry machine might be kind of cool so  I wouldn't my wife wouldn't have to do countless loads of laundry every week. But really, where would I put that? I feel like you'd need a custom built laundry room for one of those.

If you're interested in buying used mattresses or commercial sized washing machines or TVs, air conditioning units, water heaters, furniture, or anything else you'd find in a hotel you've got to check out this auction. The downtown Rochester Days Inn is officially closed and is selling everything. And I mean everything! If you want some wall art or a housekeeping cart you'll find it at this auction. Grafe Auction currently has all of the items listed on their site. Bidding begins on 10:00 AM on Oct 4th. More info here.


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