City Administrator, Steve Rymer just shared results of the 2018 City of Rochester Residential Survey. Rymer said, “On behalf of the City Council and Mayor, thank you to our community for making Rochester a great place, with great people. The 2018 City of Rochester Residential Survey provides all of us great insight into what we, as a community, are doing well today, and where we can focus our attention. We are proud that we have this data. I encourage residents to review the results, and continue to engage on these important matters. It takes all of us to make Rochester even greater than it is today!”

Some of the highlights include:

96% feel accepted, valued, and welcomed
96% rate the quality of life in Rochester as excellent or good
93% rated highly rated it as a place to raise children
88% shared a favorable sense of community
87% believe Rochester is headed in the right direction
83% rated it as a favorable place to retire

Residents were also asked what they wanted community leaders to focus on.

  • The top response was more parks/green space.

(I feel like Rochester is pretty good in this area. Rochester currently has 100 city parks and 85+miles of trails.)

  • Better street maintenance came in second followed by more affordable housing.

The survey was conducted by The Morris Leatherman Company and included 400 residents. Do you agree with the results or do you have different opinions on the state of our city?

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