Talk about an early Christmas present...

We want to send you and a friend to LA to see Adam and friends on stage at a taping of The Voice. And if you're going to Hollywood, you gotta look nice! So as an added bonus you'll also have the chance to win some serious cash to update your wardrobe.

To win just listen for our cash codes weekdays (between 11/6 and 11/22) at 7:30a, 12:30p and 3:30p. When you hear the code on the radio, enter it on our VIP page.

Each time you enter a code you'll have a chance to win cash - up to $5,000 - and one lucky listener will also win a trip to see The Voice in LA.

Start packing your bags, and decide who you want to take with, then listen Monday morning for your first chance to win!

Click here to check out this month's awesome prizes!

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