A Rochester woman shared the tragic story of her dog's death on Facebook and is placing the blame on the dog's groomer. The woman's Facebook post has been shared over 1,000 times. She says the groomer cut her poodle and failed to tell her. The dog later died.

Her post read: "These pictures are not easy to view but I need to share my and Mia’s experience at bombdoggrooming. (Rochester, MN). My poodle Mia succumbed from this grooming injury at the emergency vet 11.17.18. As heartbreaking as this is there is another piece to this story that makes this situation so difficult to wrap my head around. The groomer/owner (Callie)never attempted to notify me of this situation. In fact after numerous phone calls and visits to this business (the day of and Monday) she was no where to be found...3 days later at the request of animal control did she then contact me. I question whether she would’ve ever contacted me if animal control hadn’t reached out to her. This is so disheartening. This type of business is to strive for customer satisfaction. I understand accidents happen but to run and hide tells ME lack of judgement and little compassion. Had this part not occurred the pain I feel could be more manageable. Mia was my shadow, fishing buddy and so much more. I urge pet owners not to patronize this business: bombdoggrooming (Rochester, MN). Thanks for reading and feel free to share so we can prevent this situation from happening again."

Bomb Dog Grooming posted a response on their Facebook page that said, "I did cut a dog. She was matted and I used a dematting tool and I cut her. I also evac'd the dog to the vet. I paid the bill of a 1000$ and I was told NOT to contact the owner until they (the vet) knew more. That poor dog didn't bleed out. She didn't die due MY neglect. She wasn't at my shop under my supervision"

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