When you put your house up for sale in Rochester, you can expect to it to sell faster than ever! If you've been debating putting your house on the market, now is the time to do it. Here are 3 reasons why. 

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    Home Values in Rochester are up Nearly 10%

    According to Kyle Swanson of the Realty Edge Team Rochester, "median house prices have risen almost 10% in the last year. Most current home owners are sitting on a large amount of equity. The increase in price has been really strong in homes that are now worth $275,000 and below. While the higher priced homes haven't risen as drastically. Meaning, that it's the perfect storm for those thinking of moving up to a larger home."

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    Interest Rates are Expected to Spike

    Nick Meeker of Wells Fargo's Home Mortgage Department, "there is nowhere for mortgage interest rates to go but up and they will definitely increase.  It’s impossible to say when and by how much interest rates will rise but it is 100% going to happen.  In the past 5 years they’ve been at their lowest levels since 1977.  They averaged 12.69% in the 80’s, 8.11% in the 90’s, 6.29% in the 00’s and 4.06% since 2010 until now."

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    Low Inventory!

    There are more people that want to buy than there are houses on the market. Think back to good ol' Economics class - supply and demand. When demand is high, but supply is low, what is available becomes more valuable.

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