If you were around 26 years ago, you'll never forget how devastating the storm was.

A massive storm moved across Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin, on Halloween day in 1991, with ice wreaking havoc on all three states.

Mentalfloss.com ranks this storm as the eighth worst in American history, writing: "More than 100,000 people were without power, some for nearly up to a week. $63 million was declared in damages; 11 counties in Minnesota and 52 counties in Iowa were declared disaster areas."

During the storm, a state of emergency was declared in Freeborn and Mower counties and, according to the National Weather Service, the National Guard was called upon to help provide generators to rural farmsteads. The National Guard armory and a shopping mall in Albert Lea were turned into make-shift shelters for stranded motorists. At one point during the storm, I-90 was shut down from the South Dakota border to Rochester.

Do you have any memories of the Blizzard of 1991? Or any pictures from the blizzard? We would love to include them in a future article.  Upload them in the comment section below.

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